Essence One

Hello!  I am Lauren, owner of Essence One.  Following the birth of my second child, I experienced several years of depression that manifested as anxiety due to imbalanced hormones. When I was going through my toughest times, I didn’t know what I needed to feel better. We didn’t know what was going on with me because I had never felt that way before. After about a year of struggles and no clarity, I finally went to a friend’s counselor. I was quickly diagnosed with major depression, so I began exploring different natural alternatives as a means to create balance and restore my mental health. I knew there were great complimentary options in addition to the medication route and my doctor was in full support of me finding my balance. After using essential oils for about a year I started studying to be a Certified Aromatherapist at Aromahead Institute so I could learn the science behind everything. I also made the decision to open up about my mental health struggle one day on Facebook and have never received such a supportive response. I had people messaging me and sharing their mental health struggles, offering conversation and support, and I realized that sharing my own experience was the best thing for me and for others experiencing similar things. Why hide it and feel alone? Sharing my story was the day I started to heal.

I started Essence One in May 2016 because ultimately, I wanted to start a company that could help raise awareness for mental health and help people rid their homes of harmful chemicals while enjoying their therapeutic effects. What I had experienced through aromatherapy and how much better my family felt because we had gotten rid of all the harmful chemicals in our house, I wanted to share with others. My husband has been so supportive through it all and is always willing to watch the kids when I run off to a market, cheers with me when I get a repeat or new customer, and is willing to help run my booths when I need it. It’s been a great adventure so far!

Essence One handcrafts small batch aromatherapy based bath and body products.  All products are made in Shoreview, MN with 100% natural ingredients and are created with therapeutic grade essential oils.  We handcraft natural deodorant, beard oil, our famous Honey Mint Lip balm, face and body oils and lotions, bar soap, body wash, and our latest products, bath teas and therapeutic rollerballs.  We are also known around the Twin Cities for our Minnesoapas – MN shaped soaps! All products are formulated by a certified aromatherapist and aim to assist with stress and anxiety relief.

In an effort to raise awareness for anxiety and depression, Essence One donates a portion of their profits to a specific mental health organization every quarter.  We look forward to blessing you with our products and thank you for your support!

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