Hi! I’m Nora and this is Jay.

We love trees. We love forests. We love lakes and oceans, and ponds and rivers. We like to have fun. We combined all this and … voila, the absolute BEST REAL body care!

We’re talking 100% Natural & Organic gourmet Bath Bombs, Shampoo Bars, Gourmet Soaps and Lotion Bars. Hand made (with love from the heartland) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All products are therapeutic and delicious! A positive impact with every bath.

We harvest the absolute highest potency vegetable, plants, nuts, flowers, etc. as ingredients and turn them into gourmet, therapeutic products that will nourish your skin and relax your mind. Every bath bomb, shampoo and lotion bar is designed for ultimate yumminess with a side benefit of minimal packaging, non-toxic, waterway safe, cruelty-free, effective and long lasting super awesomeness.

Did we mention we LOVE water?! Well, we really do. Therefore, one percent of annual revenue is donated to Clean Water Action.

Bodylish is about YOU! And the World around us. ​​

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