Blossom’s Barn

I did my time. Forty-three years in the western suburbs of Chicago. I was committed to living consciously. I tended a petite vegetable and lush flower gardens in my yard. But I wanted more. Much more.

In 2008, I packed up a well-lived life and a house I truly adored. I said goodbye to the many libraries and museums in which I’d spent so many hours. My husband and I desired more than the big city of Chicago could ever offer our family. That life alternately felt hollow and manic and I knew that I needed to get off the massive hamster wheel and reconnect with myself, with my husband and children, and with the earth. I longed for a life less harried and more in tune with both the seasons and my soul. After doing some searching and planning, we purchased an elegant farmhouse on twelve gorgeous acres, just two hours’ drive outside the city and established our homestead. Think: sprawling gardens ripe with tomatoes and greens, squash and cucumbers, an orchard, and the juiciest blackberries you’ll ever put in your mouth.

I soon added chickens. Twenty-five which roam the property, pecking grain I’ve sprinkled beneath their feet at sunrise or finding a juicy insect for breakfast. The dogs run alongside as I wander between the barns and garden, milking the cow and goats and plucking vegetables the moment their flesh hints of ripening. This is my idea of heaven: a simple existence, in harmony with the earth with humanely raised animals, and creating a life I love with my own two hands.

My desire to connect deeply with what I put in my mouth led to a heightened awareness of what I put on my body. I became an avid label reader, scrutinizing everything from my toothpaste to the shampoo in my shower. And one day I mused, “If I can raise my own cattle and cucumbers, perhaps I could make my own soap, too.” The goats delivered fresh, nutrient-rich milk and soon I found myself banging around the kitchen, learning the time-honored tradition of natural soap making.

Today, Blossom’s Barn is proud to produce a carefully edited collection of earth-friendly products brimming with nature’s simple bounty: calendula blossoms infused into sunflower oil, shea butter, pure essential oils and fresh lavender buds. Each one is created with intention right here on the farm, saturated with good energy and an appreciation of the simple things in life.

These days, I still wake with the sun to tend the gardens, feed the chickens and milk the goats. And after polishing off my first pot of coffee, I begin the measuring, mixing and delicate wrapping of my small batch apothecary products. I hope they encourage you to take a moment to count your blessings, reconnect with what matters most and inhale deeply the magic of the earth which surrounds you.

At Blossom’s Barn, we believe:

…that small moments matter

…that simple is powerful

…the natural is best

Our homestead is occupied by a eco-friendly, garden crazed soapmaker. A hardworking, loving and devoted husband, two sons who know their way around a pitch fork. And many, many animals that get to live in humane and natural conditions. We also have a daughter that has flown our coop and now resides back in the city with her new husband.

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