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Love from the Nest - Carefully Curated College Care Packages

The concept for LOVE FROM THE NEST started over a year ago when we were at a farmer’s market and happened upon the cutest pink make-up brush from a local wood artisan. Having 4 daughters between the two owners, we quickly snatched up a couple of brushes and brought them home. The girls loved the brushes, because they were so unique and something no one else had. Their friends fell in love too and back to the market we went. At the same time, we had a daughter going to camp and a son going off to college and needed to find care packages, but after searching for something special, most of what we found were packages filled with junk food or big box/small value items. The idea: How cool it would be to do care packages that included smart, unique and useful items sourced from small batch artisans and entrepreneurs? And LOVE FROM THE NEST was born!

At LOVE FROM THE NEST, we strive to find the right mix of hip, cool and modern selections that your child will love. We only source from small batch artisans to find products that not everyone has and will make your child feel special. This takes the stress out of running around to find the perfect mix of things and allows you to send a care package with confidence.

Love from the Nest - Carefully Curated College Care Packages

Kristen Karpinsky

Kristen spent 19 years in professional sales before choosing to stay home with her three children, now 17, 16, and 13.  For the past thirteen years, she’s been actively involved in volunteer positions in her kid’s school and sports teams, while at the same time working with entrepreneurs to launch their product/service and gain visibility.  She’s been on both sides of public relations having written a book and launched a line of children’s clothing, subsequently doing numerous media appearances.  Having a strong background in research and a passion for entrepreneurs, Kristen loves finding and testing new innovative products and services. A self-professed lover of food and wine, her favorite moments are catching up with girlfriend’s over lunch or spending casual dinners with family, friends and great conversation.

Kristen lives in Edina, MN with her husband, three children and two retrievers, Bella and Holly.

Love from the Nest - Carefully Curated College Care Packages

Tracy Rickert

Tracy spent the last 20 years specializing in clothing design and product development in Los Angeles and the Greater Minneapolis Area before leaving corporate life to become an independent consultant in apparel and interior design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Otis in Los Angeles.

Tracy is a painter and artist in varied mediums. As an avid DIY’er, Tracy and her husband remodel homes where she can put her passion for interior design to work. She lives with her husband Paige and 5 children in Edina, MN.

Tracy is passionate about creating and supporting makers and artists perfecting their craft.