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A Fresh Start From the Nest

My husband and I were married for eleven years before we had our first baby, a little girl we named Maia.  In a blink of an eye, seventeen years has flown by, and this week she went to her last high school homecoming dance and got her second college acceptance letter.  Where did the time go?  I’m already struggling with “the last” of everything this year, alongside the excitement of having the first peek of what next year will have in store.

Both my husband and I are one of seven children and have strong relationships with our parents, siblings, nieces & nephews.  We’ve raised our kids to place family first and have worked to create strong traditions and rituals that make our home a place of comfort, stability and encouragement.  This desire to make family references a place of comfort formed the basis for my thoughts when creating Love From The Nest.  A desire to help parents send a little something from home that reminds their child of their roots and gives them a little bit of warmth, love, and a touch from home.

I also have always had a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and encourage our own kids to think of new and innovative ways to approach life.   Over the past year, Tracy and I have found that some of the coolest products and ideas come from young minds and entrepreneurial spirits, and we’ve had the pleasure of forming supportive budding relationships with business owners following their dream.   From our lovely Snuggle Monkee vendor who sent us a hand- written note letting us know these little nuggets of comfort can’t wait to find their new homes, to the talented woodworkers that created two of our inspiration products, our pink make-up brush and exquisite wooden Mach3 razor handle.

We would not be where we are at without the undying support of compassionate souls who’ve helped to launch us on this ride. Thank you to our great friends who’ve given us solid feedback, our kids who have beta tested our products, and to all of the lovely women who attended our launch party and provided the “this made our day” feedback when their kids received their care packages.

So here we go!  We’d love for you to follow our blog to hear updates on new finds, get sneak peeks of upcoming limited edition boxes and pick up pointers from our clients and kids on how they’ve used their Love From The Nest products and wooden boxes.  We love to hear your thoughts, treasure feedback and wish you and your college student the best year possible.

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