Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t have a college student; can I send a care package to anyone?

  • Of course! Our boxes are filled with unique products that appeal not only to college age kids but also young adults, friends, family and colleagues.

2. Where do you get products for your packages?

  • We attend maker shows across the United States sourcing only from small batch artisans so the products in our boxes are fresh, cool and different from anything your child or their roommates could find in traditional boutiques and shops. (Follow our blog to see our travels and get a sneak peek at new products).

3. What is the difference between your Signature and Deluxe care packages?

  • Our Signature care packages are a small box that has a big impact on the kids. In addition to the cool products in these boxes, they are packaged in our Signature Artistic Wooden Box that can be used in multiple ways in the kid’s dorm or apartment.
  • Our Deluxe packages are packed full of goodies, similar to our Signature collection but contain more product. Our Deluxe boxes don’t include the Signature Wooden box and are shipped in a Love From The Nest branded shipper box.

4. How are my pictures and note included in the package?

  • Once you upload your pictures with your order, we print them in a 4×4 inch format and include them with your Love From The Nest personal note to your child. Both notecard and images are placed at the top of your package. They are the first thing your child will see when they open their care package.

5. What pictures should I send?

  • Whatever you think your child will love seeing. The most popular are dogs, siblings, family pictures, travel pics or pictures of fun times with friends.
  • Please remember that we print your pictures in a 4×4 format so it’s best to choose pictures that the subject matter is more centered and doesn’t stretch the entire length of a 4×6 photo.

6. How do the kids use the Signature Artistic Wooden Boxes?

  • To store special treasures or valuables in their room, to hang on the wall as a cubby or to house grab & go items such as keys, wallet, etc. Some of our customers have sent multiple wooden boxes to their kids so they can use them as a vignette on their wall. (Check out our Love From The Nest Instagram and Pinterest to see creative ways kids have used our boxes)

7. Can I order more than one box?

  • Yes, but since each order is personalized with pictures, a note, and goes to a specific address, you must order one box at a time and complete all of the personalization of that box before you can add an additional box. You can pay for all boxes in one transaction when your order is complete.

8. Will I be notified when my box ships?

  • Yes, we will contact you to let you know when your order has shipped and we LOVE hearing feedback from our customers, when they get the calls from their excited kids once they’ve received the package. You can always get ahold of us at or post on Facebook or Instagram #lovefromthenest

9. How long does it take to receive the box once it’s shipped?

  • We ship from Minnesota, so depending on the final destination, the boxes are usually received within 2-6 days.